The mission

Nightshift is not your typical board game - it's a medium for storytelling, created by artist Exotic Cancer to provide a playful and engaging dive into what it's like to work at the club for a night.

The game's artwork, customer personas, game mechanics and themes are all inspired by the creator's personal experience working as a stripper, giving players an authentic and empowering take on this often misunderstood profession.

At its core, Nightshift is more than just entertainment - it aims to challenge stigma and negative industry stereotypes through promoting empathy and understanding.

About The Game

Players adopt the role of a stripper and must charm worthwhile customers into emptying their wallets. The player that ends the night with the most money wins! Be careful about interfering with another girl's customer or your night may not run so smoothly...

Weight: Light-Medium
1-5 Players | 40-90 Minutes | 18+

Players use their Energy to navigate the club and discover new Customers. Each Customer has unique qualities, so choose them wisely! Engaging with a Customer involves rolling the dice, which combined with the Player’s abilities, Power Cards, and potentially a few Drinks, will determine the outcome.

Successfully getting a Customer to the Private Room, or even better, the VIP Room, initiates a theme-based “push-your-luck” challenge. The aim is to maximise earnings from the Customer without breaking the illusion...

Players can purchase Drinks from the Bar, Champagne is a valuable tool for persuading Customers to extend their time with you in the Private Room or VIP Room, whilst Shots can help you get them in there.

Players must also keep track of when they are rostered on Stage, which provides benefits such as acquiring extra Tips and Power Cards. These unique powers add another layer of strategy and interaction - will you help out your fellow dancers, or will you play dirty?

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